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Wick Trimmers - Wick Dippers
 ~~~   See the Wick Trimmer "How To" Video  ~~~


CleanCut® Wick Trimmer - $13.99

CleanCut® Wick Dipper $2.99

●  Measuring foot allows for a perfect cutting length every time
●  Unique debris tray catches wick trimmings
●  Durable stainless steel construction
●  Sharp blades cut precisely through any wick
CleanCut Wick Trimmer - $13.99
Perfect compliment to the wick trimmer
Extends the life of your candle wicks
Extinguishes the candle flame without smoke
Increases the quality of candle wicks
CleanCut Wick Dipper -

 Our Own Candle Company Wick Trimmer - $6.95

Great tool for trimming wicks - Remember, your candle burns best when the wick is trimmed to 1/4" each time you light your candle.


Our Own Candle Wick Trimmer
Wickman Candle Trimmer Wickman Candle Dipper


Wickman Dipper

Clipawick Candle Trimmer Wickman Candle Snuffer


Candle Snuffer


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